Sunday, May 30, 2010

This little thing:

wasn't so crazy about Wellness. The boys liked it. I'm not admitting anything, but if I did sneak myself a tablespoon or two, who could really blame me, seeing as how I nearly had to take out a mortgage to buy a bag. Now I'm giving this:

And this:

A try.

Meanwhile, John and I are eating pb&j and Easy Mac.

Castor & Pollux
Natural Balance


Angie said...

oh my gosh, right! we buy $30 bags of cat food and each night we hunt through our cupboards to see what we can cook up for dinner. most of the time it's beans and rice. oh these kitties and the things we do for love.

and that pic of lenny on your other blog is freaking adorable. i'll be around here more often for sure:)

just want to let you know my captcha says "carbut." If only the R was a T. how funny.

jan said...

Oh, thanks for dropping by Angie!