Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Other T and A

Anyone out there still write in journals? I do. I have a hundred of them. Actually it's probably more like ten or so. Some I use more than others. I love them like children and treat them like bras or shoes. Meaning: don't sit on my couch or bed because you'll probably get a journal or a flip flop up your ass. My point though, is that I was flipping through a journal that I use primarily for story ideas and I found this:

I found it among my mama's things last year when I was attempting to clean her pantry and spare room. It's a sort of comic book/pamphlet they gave me when I had my tonsils taken out nearly thirty years ago. I loved this booklet. It gives me a warm rush every time I see it, even though I remember hiding behind the chair in the doctor's office during one of my ENT visits. The copyright says 1976. But I think I had the procedure around '81. I was one of those kids with a perpetual runny nose and the chapped upper lip to prove it. That, and I threw up all the time because of the post-nasal-drip. I weighed 25 lbs my first year of school. I looked like a war orphan.

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