Saturday, June 5, 2010

For my birthday next month, I've asked John to take to me to The Met. I just want to spend a summer day in the city with the majority of it being inside, staring at art and elbowing Yankees and tourists.

Speaking of Yankees... today we saw an old dude in a motorized wheelchair get run over by an equally old lady in a truck. This all went down in the parking lot of the grocery store about 45 seconds after the old dude in the chair took a left hand turn -across a couple lanes of traffic- in front of us. With out a warning or a glance behind him. Just swooped right across traffic. We weren't all that surprised when the lady nailed him. Then John tried lifting the chair off of the man and got yelled at by some retired paramedic with a Napoleon complex. So John stuck his finger in the ex-paramedic's face: "Don't you yell at me." And the guy looked up at John, stopped yelling and apologized and shook his hand. But then he yelled at John again when John attempted to re-direct traffic. Told him he wasn't licensed to do that and that people are sue-happy. John said, "Let 'em sue me. I got nothing." Afterwards, we made jokes about carrying around our bank statements and letters from collection agencies, just in case we're in the position to help someone. "Now, I can help remove the shark from your leg, but you're gonna need to take a look at my portfolio and then sign this waiver."

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