Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poor Mae's had the runs for a few days. Too much info? Well he's also been scooting his ass across the kitchen floor. How's that strike you? We've been chasing him around with a spray bottle full of Clorox water. So yesterday Mae visited with Dr. Norris and now Mae is on antibiotics because he's been drinking out of the wrong mud puddle and has himself a bit of an infection. The vet assistant told him his fangs were "the bomb", and that made him feel a lot better. Just thought everyone should know that it's not always photo ops and glamour. Sometimes this whole cat business is messy work.


Angie said...

poor mae :(

mia and charlie wish him to get well soon!

jan said...

aw! thank them for me and mae. he's doing much better. no more runs!