Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'd really like to be able to add something new to the conversation but truly this is what I do most of the time. I hold sweet-ass babies whose breaths smell worse than the county dump. Sometimes I read - Changeless by Gail Carriger - sometimes I watch something decent on tv - P!nk's Funhouse Tour on the Palladium Channel - sometimes I browse Etsy and thank sweetbabyjeezus that I don't have a lot of money or else I'd be up to my eye sockets in feminized men's button-down shirts and hipster nerd t-shirts and steampunk jewelry.


Tonya said...

love the etsy. i've just been looking lately and adding lots to my favorites but not buying. i'm spending way too much on making a homemade photobooth. anyway, i've really been loving the body potions on etsy lately. they have a lot of cool soaps and lotions that sound yummy.

jan said...

well that sounds like a butt-load of fun!!! is that what you used at the wedding?

i ended up buying the drawer knobs in that bottom picture. i love them but i need about 12 more. the knobs cost more than the damn dresser :-)

tina.ari said...

I have a serious serious serious addiction to etsy!!! And i'm with you; thankfully, I'm a little to lazy once I start "window" shopping thru etsy to go get my credit card.

Hey, did you know that your background on here matches your pants?? how cool is that? :D

jan said...

Tina- I know what you mean. If I actually get up and truck my ass out to the car to get my credit card then it means I've thought long and hard about that Etsy purchase.

And I totally planned that pant/background thing. :-)))