Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm slowly getting around to uploading more pictures from my trip. Probably I should just put them on facebook or something if I really want to share them. But I kind of like spacing them out. We were out and about for a few hours today. Made it to Trader Joes and the Olive Garden and then swung by Rite Aid so that I could pick up generic Aleve because I wake up every day in joint aching agony and I'm a little bit scared I'm gonna wind up addicted to either Vicodin or Sam Adams. Because those are the only two things that alleviate the pain. Afterwards, we dropped by Chris and Shari's to see their new condo and to get our Kendall fix. She's been feeling a little poorly lately. I think maybe she's been drinking out of Mae's mud puddle. She really is a superior baby. Even when she's sick and cranky she still smiles and dances and doesn't really cry. She's the sort of baby that makes people like me- people who have sworn off baby-making- reconsider their stances. But don't tell John I just said that cause he'll have himself an infarction.

Kendall's bad hair day.

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Angie said...

awww! what a face!

don't be sad, baby! you're too cute!

man, even when they pout they're adorable. i want one. or five.