Saturday, July 10, 2010

John's friend Dave lives in Tucson. Probably I've said that before. Anyway, Dave and his girlfriend Leslie are coming back east for a visit next week. This morning John was telling me how he and Dave met in a half-way house years and years ago and when John got kicked out of the half-way house he and Dave shared a really kick-ass apartment in Hartford. I asked him why he got bounced from the half-way house. He said the guy who ran it was a bit of a weird-o. The guy was single and had no children and he ran the program out of his own house, and that there were children's toys laying around. Like, tonka trucks and matchbox cars and mess like that. Real odd shit. So some other dude who was staying there made a comment like, "Huh, must be trophies". Which is admittedly wrong and funny as hell in a fucked up kind of way. So word got around that John was the "trophy" commenter and the weird-o immediately kicked him out. I asked John why he didn't just tell the weird-o that he wasn't the one who said it and John said that it wouldn't have mattered. That a nerve had obviously been struck.

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