Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Judy gave us a jar of bread and butter pickles that she canned and I was all, hey, that's cool, because even though I'm not really jiggy with pickles of the bread and butter persuasion I'm always jiggy with anything that someone has canned themselves. So I tried them. Half an hour later the entire jar was gone. They're like candy. Like juicy, onion-ey, sweet and sour candy. Yesterday she sent over two more jars and I made it half way through one of them before I realized that my love for the pickles was about to turn into a full-fledged intestinal nightmare. I'm talking to' up from the flo' up. Like bent over double in agony because no matter how vehemently I deny it - I am allergic to onions. And I was slurping those bad boys down like there's no tomorrow. So that's the pickle story. The sickest part is that I'm still not 100 percent certain I'm going to be able to stay away from them. That's how flippin' good they are. Alright, maybe that's not the sickest part... but it's the sickest part I'm most comfortable sharing. You know, before I cross that line and this becomes one of those blogs.


Angie said...

haha, yes jan. yes. just like 'bread and butter' those pickles are irresistible.

i'm hungry.

Angie said...

I LOVE bread and butter pickles more than any other pickles in the world. And I haven't had any since grandma died 15 years ago.... Glad you are enjoying some!!!!