Sunday, July 25, 2010

More of my favorite youtube chick.

Still haven't made it out of the house. Have however shampooed all of the rugs and carpeting in this tiny, tiny home of ours. I'm pretending like it smells better for John's sake. "Doesn't it smell a hundred times better?" he asks me, dripping with sweat, his bald head covered in errant cat fur and lint balls. "Like a fucking rose garden, sugar-boog." I answer emphatically.


Angie said...

what a sweet voice on that gal!

and John's a funny, funny dude, sugar-boog.

Tonya said...

love her. we need to be able to download her. oh there's some sort of thing b knows about where you can turn youtube stuff in to mp3's i must ask him so i can get that on my ipod.

jan said...

tonya- i do that sometimes. i just google "convert youtube videos to mp3" and use which ever one comes up first or second. it's worked out okay for me except it takes a month of sundays to download. i tried converting our chick but for some reason it wouldn't let me do her videos. if you figure it out let me know, please!