Monday, July 19, 2010


I love my stankin' Tubeflops.

It's stormed on my birthday every year since I've lived up here. Big storms with tornadoes and lightening and power outages. It probably means something, only it's too damn hot to figure out what that something is.


Tonya said...

happy birthday and i hope you know you have caused me to have to have those dang tube flops. i ordered 2 pairs from east bay for 10 each. that was the best deal i found.

jan said...

You, my friend, found a great deal! My tubeflops were a gift from my sister Angie because I had a big ole fit over them when I was visiting last month.

I hope you know I'm heading over to east bay now to order me another pair.

Tonya said...

i got the same orange ones you have and the sparkly gold chevron ones.