Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm feeling about a million different things at once. Most of these feelings aren't of the warm, fuzzy variety. Most of them are of the punch, stab and maim and then break down and cry persuasion. Yesterday I told someone at work that it felt like an off-day. Like something's just not quite right. It turned into an off 24 hours. So I don't know whether I conjured the whole thing up with some pissy mojo, or if I was intuiting. I'm more comfortable thinking the latter. I will say this about the shitty times I've been having: they sure as hell make me sit up and take notice of all of the sweetness. I keep looking for positive affirmations and I keep finding them. Even if it seems like I'm drowning in the hurt and disappointment, I'm not really. I'm actually wading through it, and the following is what's helping me keep myself afloat:

My BFF John. My crazy mama. My passel o' cats. And my suhster Angie, she of the ever-listening ear.

Also, here's The Fruitcake Lady to give everybody a little what for on behalf of yours truly:

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