Sunday, August 8, 2010

More prettiness from Wilmington... six weeks after the fact. We've been having minor computer issues and wound up losing all of the pictures we'd downloaded or uploaded or whatever you call it. Also, for some reason, blogger isn't always privy to my company. I get half-way through a post and then I get kicked off. It's kind of annoying and my patience is super-model thin.

In other news:

My honey-bunny niece Katie B. is pregnant. Word on the skreet is that it's a baby boy and while I'm sure this thrills my sister Wendy to no end because she's -and I quote- "sick of stinkin' girls with their boobies and periods", it's still a very odd occurence in our family as we've only had one in the past fifty years. Literally. Anyway, if the baby turns out to be a boy-o I'm voting we give it a lovely old-fashioned name and then ruin it by nicknaming him "Skeeter" or "Pee-Dab".


tina.ari said...

hee hee...oh, girl, you don't know how much I rejoiced when I knew that my John was going to be a boy! I have two step-daughters and I was doing a lot of praying and hoping that I wasn't going to have to deal with more hormones (and boobies and periods!!!).
that's just awesome...hee hee! I love it!

jan said...

tina- I know. My sister was dead serious too, but I laughed for days! Boys are easier than girls but we just don't know how to deal with them :-)

Tonya said...

congrats to your family on the baby boy and this...

you have to download blog writer and you can do that here:

when you hit download it will give you an option to pick the programs you want so you don't have to download all the live essentials. you may know this already but if you don't it's fabulous and blogger showing out won't bother you any more.