Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer, you were fun for a while. But now I'm ready for you to lighten the hell up. Honestly, summertime. You take yourself waaaaay too seriously. I'm sweating so much that I now OWN the term perspiration. I'm breaking out in the most unsavory of places. Places that can only be explored with tiny flashlights and 10X mirrors. Remember the drain-fly plague from a few weeks ago? I think the next one is taking the form of blind pimples and boils.

This is why I haven't been blogging lately. Because all I have inside of me is upset whiny words. I truly wish it were otherwise.


Tonya said...

gonna be a hot week looks like. you can make it cause it can't last much longer. get ready for the smell of burning leaves and the sight of pumpkins everywhere.

Johnszim said...

I miss it also. Even though I get the skinny first hand, it's great reading your words. Love you.

jan said...

thanks, ya'll.

tonya, i'm keeping my eye on the prize.

john, any time i'm associated with the term skinny, i feel instantly better. love you too.