Sunday, September 19, 2010

We've been watching the crap out of some movies lately. This weekend John and I together watched The Secret Life Of Bees and Burn After Reading. I cried so much during Bees that I gave myself the snubs. Tonight I watched Precious and The Squid and the Whale. Though they're completely and totally different movies, I thought it was kind of interesting that they're both set in the same time period, the same year as a matter of fact, in the same city. I had not planned this, it just happened that those are the two that got shipped to me via netflix. The older I've gotten, the less tolerance I have for asshole characters in movies. I understand it's just a damn movie, but I can never seem to fully comprehend how no one ever sat the asshole down and explained to them that they're being an asshole and if they'd just stop all of their assholery then everyone would stop hating them and their life would be a lot peachier. It probably wouldn't have worked for Precious' mom. But I have a feeling that that whole family in the Squid would've greatly benefited from being called on their shit. This is the same reason I can't watch television anymore. Because I'm forever screaming, "Why doesn't someone stop him?!? He's got a family/friends/co-workers! Why don't they tell him to knock it off?". For anyone reading this out there, if you know me in real life and you feel I'm being a straight up tool, then by all means, intervene. Please. It might hurt my feelings but I'll definitely take that shit to heart.

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