Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've spent the entire day attempting to upload music from cd's and my ipod onto the computer and then onto my new phone. Aggravation times a hundred. Then I spent a couple more hours uploading pictures onto Facebook. Aggravation times fifty. I'm not the least bit tech savvy but I know how I want things to look and sound and when they don't look or sound that way I get pissed off real fast like. Whatever. If you're a friend of mine on Facebook, there are pictures over there you've probably already seen here.

Yesterday John and I bought jeans because most of mine have holes in the thighs from the old chub-rub and John says he's using his weight to keep up with the gas prices. You know, going up a few cents every day. Really though, I think it's just because he's finally off of the Interferon. Either way, we've decided to lay off of the shit food for a while. See where that gets us. Evidently it's genetic because we took Ernie to the vet Friday for his check-up and he weighs a honkin' 18 pounds. He's a truck. And before anyone decides to get on our shit, he's really not even fat, so much as he is just BIG. The vet said just to make sure he stays active. Today I watched him chase grasshoppers across the yard, so he and I have totally fulfilled both our ends of the bargain.

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