Monday, November 1, 2010

I managed to get 1100 words into my first NaNo effort before I figured out who was talking and what she had to say. It was quite a rush. Figuring out the basis of my novel.

This weekend I went to girl's night at Shari's and it seems the theme of the evening was cheese. Cheese dip and another kind of cheese dip and a platter of nachos with cheese sauce... plus, tonight, I had cheese and tortilla's for supper and I swear to Moses I probably won't poop for a year. We watched Knocked-Up and while I love me some girl-time, I truly hated that movie. It depressed the hell out of me and I didn't understand any one's motives. I read on the Imdb board that people were upset because Katherine Heigl was wearing a bra during the sex scenes and then they're applauding her for standing up for herself, for having integrity and for not wanting to ruin her career by going topless. Then someone else responds with some lame comment about how nude scenes didn't ruin Kate Winslet's career. Seriously? Are you effin' kidding me? Who the hell compares Katherine Heigl to Kate Winslet? I would spit in the eye of anyone who blasphemed in that manner in my presence. Then and there I decided that any movie that provokes that sort of jackassery is the sort of movie I can do way without.

In other news, Happy Halloween to all ya'll.

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