Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Bank Of America has this deal where they offer free admission to certain museums the first full weekend of every month. We've been to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston several times, but never for free. It was a lot more fun that way because then you don't feel obligated to look at every single piece of Chinese artifacts because you've dropped twenty bucks on the place. Still, we spent a good three hours with our jaws nearly unhinged and our sense of direction all screwed up because the place is fabulous but boy-howdy is it easy to get turned around. I went on a John Singer Sargent quest only to find out that while they do have a shit-pot full of his stuff, the really good stuff is "in the New American wing which doesn't open until next weekend". Well hell.


Angie said...

damn! thanks for the hot tip, jan!

and sorry about the exhibit opening next weekend. bummer to the max!

Tonya said...

well there's always another month. take advantage.