Sunday, November 14, 2010

Something you might not know about me: when I was eight years old I saw a cluster of unidentifiable creatures floating through the woods behind our house. It was winter and Mama had sent me to the woodpile because at the time we still had the wood heater in the house. I had one of the dogs with me and was about ten feet from the wood pile when I saw them. They were roundish/oblong and there were at least three of them and they didn't jump so much as they floated or bounced. I don't recall them being furry or having faces or appendages. They were more like masses. Maybe three feet in diameter and gray colored. They scared me shitless. I ran screaming and crying to the house. I was hysterical for hours. Later that day everyone came over and searched the woods but nothing was ever found. I have opinions and theories about what they could have been. Maybe someday I'll share a few of them. I've never seen anything else like that. Never seen a creature or a ghost or an alien. That was my one truly personal experience with the unexplained. That's all I got.


Tonya said...

crazy. i wonder what it was. that would have scared me to death.

Angie said...

i want to hear these theories.