Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesterday I picked up Mae and smooched all over him because that's a nightly ritual I try very hard to adhere to and at the end of all the smooching I noticed that my cheek was wet and at first I was all, "Yuk, cold cat slobber." -never mind that I had just slobbered on him- but then I quickly figured out that it wasn't slobber. That it was instead, a smear of puss and infection because the Mae had himself an abscess beneath his ear that I had somehow neglected to notice. The abscess burst and left Mae with a gaping, bubbly, bloody hole in his silly little head. Now, I love Mae-Mae. God knows I do. But he's a goddamn mess of a cat. If he's not laid up with the Giardia poops then he's destroying anything precious and dear to my heart during one of his skittish jolts. But, like I said, I love him. So we hauled him to the vet where she determined that the abscess was probably caused by one of Mae's idiot brothers chewing on him like he's a candy apple. So Mae's on antibiotics. Again. And today we were back at the vets office. Again. Not with Mae this time, but with Bea who already had an appointment for a checkup. We've been trying to schedule the vet appointments every two weeks but it hasn't worked out so well lately. We're there so often I'm thinking about inviting Dr. Norris and her brilliant half-a-whack-job self over for Thanksgiving. But, Mae's head hole looks a hundred times better today and Dr. Norris gave Bea a cortisone shot so maybe now Bea will quit trying to scratch her neck off, plus, she said Bea's teeth look fine which is a huge relief because A) I was not looking forward to having to fork over even more cash to have her teeth cleaned and yanked and B) she's old as dirt and frankly, I'm scared that she won't wake up from the anesthesia. There. I said it. Of course, the little witch bit the shit out of my hand while I was trying to keep her from falling off of the exam table so she'd better start flossing if she knows what's good for her.

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