Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here are some things I'm in love/lust with lately:

The Dead Sea Salt Scrub in lavender by Nourish of Savannah. At first you think it's gonna be greasy, but it's really just extra special softening. Plus, it makes you smell like you've just spent the day at the spa.

There are Birkenstock people and there are non-Birkenstock people. I'm a Birkenstock person. I still own my very first pair of purple Jesus sandals circa 1990. I was the token hippie chick of West Lincoln High School. Whatever, anyway, I'm all about these paisley puppies up yonder. I don't remember where I got that picture, but I think they're Birkis two-toned paisley print mary janes. I think. I totally want them. I'm going right now to search the entire web nation for them.

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