Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is Daddy's birthday. At first I was all geared up to do a big post about it. Then I sighed myself out of posting all together. Now I've decided to just mention it and leave it at that. Really, I'm sure anyone can imagine how empty and painful an experience it is to lose someone the week before Christmas and a month before their birthday.

In other got-dang news: There's a new baby in the family. I can't wait to hold her and sniff her and snoodle all over her. Me and John and our pussy brigade are heading down for a visit in a few more weeks. We planned it around the baby-boo's arrival. I'm a very good aunt. Also while we're down there we're going to be checking out Real Estate in the area as I've decided it's time to get serious and think about purchasing a house. I've lived in this stupid-ass trailer for way too long and I think I've figured out that while the cramped quarters aren't necessarily the root of my bad attitude, I'm positive the tee-niney-ness is greatly influencing my bitchiness. The cold ain't helping neither.

What I'm reading: The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourne. What we're watching: We like about three episodes before we're completely caught up with Dexter. I've lost complete interest in everything else on tv.

Thursday night my laptop got infected by some virus that called itself Internet Security 2011. Please, for the love of God, if anyone out there is reading this and you take away one thing from this post, please let it be this: if you get a pop-up during your inner-web browsing that tells you you're computer is at risk for being infected and it starts flashing shit and looking all scary and legitimate, please, just x out of everything and power down. Because while it's not really hazardous to your system, it's sure as hell a pain in the cods to get rid of. And apparently it's pretty rampant, because yesterday I was on the regular computer on a completely different site and the virus attempted to take over again.

That's it. That's all I've got today.

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