Sunday, February 27, 2011

John and I went on vacation. Drove 13+ hours in the car with four cats and a litter box. Each way. A very good time was had. The sorta point of us going during that particular time was because Mama was having back surgery. The whole thing turned out to be a circle jerk with Worker's Comp being the jerkers and my mom and the rest of us being jerkees. They called about 2 hours before Mama was supposed to be at the hospital and cancelled the whole blessed thing. Thanks for mutton you bastards. So I'm flying back out Wednesday afternoon to be with my Mama-Mia whose surgery is finally definitely scheduled and WILL be performed on Thursday. Jeezus.

So during my vacation I went house hunting even though I'm not even sure I'll be approved for much of a loan. It's fun looking though. John, who's been semi-hesitant about the whole mess has finally come around to my side. Men. You can't cajole them. You have to plant seeds and then sit back and let them pretend like they're the ones solely responsible for the beautiful tree.

I also babysat Miss Caroline. I wouldn't let just anyone poop and pee and puke and shart all over me. Only fambly. At one time or another all of my nieces and nephew have expelled all over me. I always learned how to love them again. She's mighty beautiful so I figure by the time she's four or five we'll be able to speak to one another without avoiding eye-contact.

I was able to get Mama out of the house. In fact, I'd call that bit of our trip a raging success. We spent a day in Charlotte and an evening at a tattoo parlor with Katie and Sarah. Pictures to follow. We also just spent time doing normal Wal-Mart, Chinese buffet stuff. It was good. You know what else was good? The weather. 70 degrees every day.

Other stuff happened. I'll post pictures later. I think I've missed being in a healthy enough mind-frame to blog. Right now, I feel pretty okay.

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