Saturday, March 26, 2011

This week I watched Downton Abbey on netflix. Gorgeous. Those dresses. I nearly melted. I read Heartsick by Chelsea Cain. I worked. I talked to my Mama often because she's depressed and frequently miffed with me. She's also acting as my house liaison so I'm depending on her to tell me if there's water damage or lack of insulation and to count electrical outlets. She drives me to Valium like it's her job.

This morning our mortgage broker called at 9am and woke me up which is all right-on because I told him to, however I didn't expect 9am to come so early so I had to stumble around naked looking for a pen and paper, clearing my sleep-paralyzed throat and trying not to sound like I'd been chaining Pall Malls. John and I brought a couple of cakes/breads over to the new neighbors and he bought some sort of alarm clock/iphone port thing at Bed Bath and Beyond. We watched The Kids Are All Right. I didn't like it as much as I wanted to. Halfway through it I was like, "Hey, they were in that other really good movie together!". Meaning Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo were in Blindness which we watched and thoroughly enjoyed probably a year ago. And can I just say, how stankin' pretty is Mark Ruffalo? Almost as pretty as Julianne Moore and her awesome freckled self.

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Tonya said...

i love mark ruffalo. even more, i love his voice.