Sunday, April 10, 2011

Because it's Sunday and Sunday somehow always ends up as soup day, I made an Italian Wedding Soup which John calls elopement soup and because I've read fifty too many historical romance novels, I called it Gretna Green soup. Of course this is stuff that's interesting only to me. I've napped on and off this weekend. Sleeping and drooling and reading Little Face by Sophie Hannah in between snores and cups of coffee and bowls of soup and looking cats for ticks. It's really blessedly finally spring here and there's no one happier about it. Even though I spent most of the weekend in doors, the windows were open and the heat rarely came on.

I have pre-qualified for a home loan for an amount that was quite a bit more than either John or I anticipated. So the house hunt continues.

I've watched the first parts of Mildred Pierce and The Kennedy's. Read Evil at Heart and Night Season by Chelsea Cain and Faithful Place by Tana French. Took Aggie to the vet and ate fried fish and clam chowder cooked up by the fish on Friday Catholics.

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