Saturday, April 16, 2011

I keep having to remind myself that it's April, not November. On account of it feels like November with the rain and wind and 35 degrees. I don't really give a rat's taint as long as it doesn't snow. So, this morning John had to take Bill to the walk in clinic and he said he (John) was sitting in the car waiting on him and a State Trooper pulled in and he (John) was like, "Yay, finally!". Because Bill's got a bit of an addiction (and subsequent denial of said addiction) to painkillers and he had a meltdown in Rite Aid the other day because they gave him Oxycontin instead of whatever it is that they usually give him and the Oxycontin "just isn't strong enough". Hello! Yamma-Hamma! But come to find out the State Trooper was off duty. Nobody got arrested today. The story kind of dwindles after that.

While John was driving Miss Daisy and sending me "I'm about to blow my effin' brains out!!!" texts, I was freezing my tail off at the Book Barn in Niantic. I'm sick of the stacks of books I no longer want hanging around my house, so I exchanged them for stacks of books I do want hanging around my house. I had fun. Niantic's by the ocean and is really sweet and quaint in an "everyone makes too much money but doesn't want to act like it" kind of way.

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