Sunday, May 15, 2011

It rained all night and I tossed and turned and shed clothes and fought my numb arms and finally had to search out my carpal tunnel brace at four this morning. Plus, I had a dream that John and I were at Mama's houses and it was storming there and all of a sudden we heard this terrible trembling sound. I tried to tell John to run into the inner hallway with me but a tornado blew through the center of the house and lifted me to the ceiling. It was like being in an elevator. It only lasted a few seconds and I wasn't hurt but it left my heart racing and my body sore from the experience. Afterwards, I told John to feel how fast my pulse was beating and instead of checking my neck, he pressed his fingers to my chin. Which pissed me off at the time but is really so irreverently John that it made me smile later on.

It's still raining. We let the boys out while it was only grey and not wet and they chased birds from the roof of the barn. Now it's back to raining and every one's finally back inside. Drenched and happy and covered in ticks and poison ivy. I can hear John in the bathroom, picking bugs off of Ernie's eyelids and I can't help but wonder to myself how on earth I wound up with a man who pronounces the word eye, "I". And not "Ahhh" like me and mine do. And hand "hand" instead of "hey-und". That too makes me smile.

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