Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mostly I haven't been blogging so much lately because my laptop has this little glitch where every couple of words I type the cursor jumps back three words. At first it was just confusing and frustrating. Now it really pisses me the eff off.

Memorial weekend was pretty good. I got talked into going out to lunch with John and Bill and Bill's new girlfriend. It was exhausting. It takes Bill thirty minutes to tell a story... the first time. It gets longer the second and third go around. After the fourth time I was looking for something dull to remove my frontal lobe. I've really gotta stop being so nasty.

We watched movies most of the weekend. Netflix and Redbox. We also discovered a new burrito/taco place in Putnam called Turtle's Tacos. It's pretty much our favorite place on earth. We also ate lunch at the Ternowchek's yesterday and were thoroughly entertained by Miss Kendall. She can count to thirteen now. Because that's the number of stairs in the house.

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