Monday, May 23, 2011

On the way to the airport on Wednesday, US Air called to let me know that my flight to Laguardia was cancelled and that I would now be flying into Philly. Super. Then I get to the airport and find out that the flight to Philly is delayed because some joker had a "medical emergency" right before take off and they had to go back to the gate and de-plane his ass. So I sat with all the other happy people and waited. I've been in four different airports in the past few days and I gotta tell you: People amaze the shit out of me. I watched some chick in full out contempo-business attire do her stretches square in the middle of everyone in the waiting area. I'm talking ass in the air, leg propped up on the back of someone else's seat, two inches from the faces of every body and their brother. I couldn't stop laughing. On the flight back home I had a layover in DC and got to witness a middle aged white dude trying to explain to a Hispanic lady that the reason she was having a problem seeing her cell phone was because the sun was shining through the window behind her and that she really needed to move to another seat. He actually got up from his seat and walked over to her and explained light re-fracturing. The lady looked a tad bewildered but clearly I was the one most traumatized. Just when I feel pretty confident that 35 years of being my Mama's daughter has inoculated me against embarrassment, people gotta go and do shit like that.

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