Friday, June 24, 2011

Fifty Years

I can't remember ever remembering Mama and Daddy's anniversary. For years I just knew it was in June. Then for a few more years I thought it was the 18th. Then I narrowed it down to the 23rd. Up until the day before I got the tattoo I thought it was the damn 23rd. But then I snooped around in Mama's closet and found their marriage certificate and that's when I was 90% sure it was the 24th. I finally broke down and asked Mama. She confirmed. Since she was there and all I took her word for it.

They were married for 49 and a half years. Forty-nine awesome, bickering, crazy, funny, generous, kind-hearted, devoted and love-filled years. A tremendous legacy.

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John said...

Even though I've been a part of their lives for only 10 years, Mama and Daddy taught me about the endurance of love and family. If it wasn't always perfect, it was at least awesome. I miss their togetherness more than anything. That void won't be filled.