Friday, June 3, 2011

Stuff I love to death lately: Nurse Jackie. Particularly this girl

We just started watching it a couple of weeks ago and now we're two episodes away from being caught up. It makes me laugh and laugh. And we seriously need some laughs up in this joint because we are a sad and pitiful lot.

In other news, I have noticed that I am a collector of deodorant. On my side of the bathroom I have no less than five different deodorants. Ranging from Toms of Maine to CertainDri. All that, and to be perfectly honest, I don't even wear deodorant on the weekends because I like to give my body a break. The problem is that during the week I sweat like a whore in church. I'm just searching for that one stick that keeps me dry and smelling fresh and purdy all day. The earth-mama feminist in me is really indignant. She wants to own her bodily secretions. But the Southern lady in me is appalled at the suggestion that ladies have secretions. It's like I've got one Joan Baez pit and one Tammy Faye Baker pit.

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