Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bea has what is probably liver disease. Good news is her kidneys are fine. Yay! Bad news is she's lost two pounds since January and her liver enzymes and bilirubin are elevated which is indicative of disease. The doc said that since she's drinking normally and still eating somewhat, that we should just love her and live in the now. She sent us home with antibiotics and with instructions to force feed her if she stops eating all together. Today Bea ate treats, the juice off of a can of food, a few bites of ground turkey (that I ground up myself), a few bites of lamb cat food, catnip and the juice from a can of people salmon. Meanwhile, everything else I've tried unsuccessfully feeding her (clams and clam juice, tuna and three cans of rebuffed Friskies) has been inhaled by our pigeons-in-cat-clothing. Anyway, I just ordered her some Milk Thistle. I may use that in conjunction with chanting and sacrificing a virgin. If all else fails, I've never birthed any chirrens... I'd be willing to offer up a first born at this point.

After crying for the majority of the morning, John and I took a side venture to the co-op in Willimantic to stock up on catnip and almonds dusted in organic cocoa. Driving through Willimantic with John is always a special treat because I get to hear him say things like: "Right there. That's where the cops pulled me over and made me pull down my pants before they frisked me. In the middle of February."


Rapunzel said...

Aw, I'm so sorry about Bea! I know how difficult it is when they're ill. Sending good energy and love from myself and my furbabies to you and yours.

jan said...

thank you so much! we certainly need it and greatly appreciate it!