Friday, July 29, 2011

The girls is here! We went to Newport, RI yesterday and did the Cliff Walk, but not before we got semi-lost and took the long way there. I love getting lost cause you get to see new things. This time we got to see Bristol, RI which is just as quaint and pretty as a summer's day. We ate gyros at a little diner and the best damn cupcakes in the world at the bakery next door. Eventually we found Newport and the Cliff Walk. Then we got stuck in rush hour traffic on I95 and then when we thought we were in the clear we missed our exit and wound up in another traffic jam and another hour out of the way. That cupcake was completely worth it.

Today we laid low. Did some local shopping and ate leftovers and tried to rest up for tomorrow which is Vermont day. I love love love Vermont. And I love love love John cause he's coming along too and will more than likely do most of the driving.

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