Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I picked up this notebook yesterday while I was in Target. I was supposed to be buying Lysol wipes and Pine-Sol. It doesn't have a purpose yet, the notebook. I think I'm gonna stare at it until it tells me what's on it's mind. Then I'm gonna write it all down. I'm jealous of kids nowadays with their pretty notebooks. When I was a youngun it was all Garfield and Snoopy and Pac-Man. Then again, I can fill my pretty notebook with any damn thing I please and the kids have to use theirs for math and earth science. So forget I said that. Speaking of school and younguns:

A few months ago I commissioned Rachel to paint a tree picture for me. I'm very pleased and thrilled with the result. When I go back to getting paid decent wages I'm gonna get this sucker framed and up on my wall.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Hurricane Story

This is what the world looked like Sunday evening. We survived Irene with little personal damage and managed to return home with the same number of cats as we left with. The Ternowcheks lost power but had water. We lost power and water. This morning the Ternowcheks were still powerless but with water, but we got it all back. Apparently we're one of the few because the majority of the state is without. Honestly, the no power thing didn't bother me so much as the no water thing. At least that's what I told myself anyway. Last night at 9pm we decided to make a run for civilization and wound up at Denny's in Worcester. So much for Pioneer woman.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey. Guess what? We're getting a hurricane. Know what? We live in a mobile home, so we're fixin' to haul ass over to the Ternowchecks. Guess what else? We have to pack up five cats and two poop-boxes.

I am highly pissy and disrupted. I am trying not to be. I'm trying to be calm, but I live with John the wide-eyed weather freak and he is truly -TRULY- fuckin' with my chill.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I love you and you know it.

I meant to scan and post my birthday card from Mama but somehow never got around to it. Here it is now. I love it. It's the best birtday card I ever got.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I want to be hissyfitoly's best friend. She has a shop over on the Etsy.

I swear to the lord that I'm gonna learn how to properly sew and then I'm gonna make dresses like these for myself. In the meantime, if anyone wants to buy me something for my birthday which already passed but whatever, then look no further.

No, no. Thank you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

We finally got to watch The Conspirator the other day. We've been waiting on that one since October of 2009 which is when Wendy and Angie and I were in Savannah and got to see part of it being filmed. It was pretty awesome. The filming part. The movie was good too. But watching the filming was even awesomer because they closed down a few of the streets and had straw and dirt strewn across the pavement and we got to see James McAvoy walking down the steps of an old house. Sadly, we did not get to see Robert Redford. But we did get to see his chair. It had his name on it. And we got hushed by one of the assistant directors for talking loudly while they were filming. He was extremely nice about it though. We watched for maybe a half an hour before the rain and mosquitoes drove us away. So that's my real Robert Redford story. It will of course become a little more embellished each time I tell it until before you know it, Bob and I find ourselves imbrued in an ugly custody battle over our twins, Cassidy and Sundance. He can keep his money, but them babies need their mama.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I keep Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning books lying around in sight because I'm hoping that soon I'll get sick of reading schmaltzy, pulpy, bullshit fiction and decide to devour some gen-u-wine literature. If such a day does creep up on me, if the desire strikes me out of no where, I don't want to be left with my pud in one hand and a ratty copy of Madame Bovary in the other. That's why I leave the good shit lying around. Just in case.

I didn't fall asleep until nearly five this morning. I finished reading Chiefs and then became semi-obsessed with finding a copy of the 1981 mini-series. I'm working on a lead. After that I was all over the Internet and wide awake with scratchy eyes and an upset PMS/bread and butter pickle belly. Woke up around nine and threw a bean and chicken sausage soup together in the crock pot and then took a 15 minutes nap with Mae-Mae. Naps with Mae are the best because usually he's so damn spastic he won't lay for more than a minute, but when he does sleep against you, he purrs deeply and rhythmically. It's terribly soothing. Plus, he has an awesome jiggle belly. Rubbing it in a circular pattern beats any yoga I've ever tried.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It rained all day yesterday so there were moments of boredom which I'm sure contributed to the poor decision making. We decided we needed to make sure Aggie's flea medication is working so we cornered her on the table and...

Yowza! It was a vegetable and kitty kibble cat-astrohpe. Good news is she's flea free. Bad news is that's about fifteen bucks worth of cat food strewn across the kitchen floor.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

We had a very good day today. We spent the morning running errands. Then we ate at a new to us soul food place in Worcester called Sweet T. It was pretty damn good. The owner let us sample everything they had.

Then John sat in the car while I bought a couple of dyn-O-mite bras at Lane Bryant.

This is where a Ta-Ta picture would be if I were so inclined. However, my self-confidence is much greater if there aren't any pictures around to disprove the images in my head.

After the girls were firmly in place, we went to the movies and saw The Help. I loved it. I was nervous they were gonna cheese it up, but I wasn't disappointed at all. I must've cried on five separate occasions for about 25 different reasons. It just really struck a chord. And I've always been a fan of stories that are told from the perspective of folks that most people never think about. Of people who move in and out of the shadows of our lives and still manage to leave permanent and powerful impressions. I even cried on the way home. I'm starting to well up now just thinking about it.

I'm also extremely pre-menstrual and hopped up on red velvet cake.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

John had an appointment in Worcester with his hepatologist. I sat in the waiting room and read old issues of Harper's Bazaar and whimpered over the Fall 2010 line of Rodarte shoes. These shoes aren't shoes. They're art. They're glorious sculptures. If I owned them they'd have to be strictly art cause I sure as shit couldn't walk in them.

Seriously. Go look at them. They're beautiful.

Oh. And by the way. Netflix now has Dark Shadows on watch instantly. hoo-yeah!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sometimes I leave the house and I'm okay and then 15 minutes later I wish I hadn't. I think I might have a social anxiety disorder. Whatever it is, it doesn't feel so great.

I finished The Help. I enjoyed it immensely. I stretched it out for as long as I could. Now I'm prepared to watch the movie.

It's raining buckets. I love it, but it makes the cats a little bit paranoid.

Whenever I walk by one of the boys I have to bend down and kiss their heads and sniff them. Their ears smell like a combination of musty library books and garden dirt. It's extremely comforting. John calls the scent "cat hole". But I prefer "cat cave".

Mama told me a story today about how she and Daddy were at the Subway in the Cherryville Wal-Mart and she managed to knock down the entire rack of chips with her motorized shopping cart. She said Daddy just sat there with his eyes all big and said, "Goooood God!". She tried helping them pick the chips up, but the Subway folk told her not to worry about it, that they'd take care of it. But every time she backed up she knocked over more chips and every time she pulled forward, more chips. "I couldn't move!", she said. "Those chips were in my life."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Clip The String Chatty Kathy

I really need to change my header since it's kind of wonky and off kilter. It would seem like right now would be a perfect time to do this, being out of work and uninterested in any of the books I have in my possession. It would seem so. But it's just not the case. Maybe later. Probably later.

I've been keeping a list -to the right over there- of all the books I've read this year. I usually do this in a journal somewhere so that I can go back later if I need to remember an author or title. But I thought by doing it on the blog it would be helpful for anyone else if they're looking for something to read. Honestly though, there are a handful of books over there that I didn't actually finish yet. I haven't given up on them, I've just been distracted. The Help is one of those books. It was one of the first books I received via Paperback Swap way back in December. I totally lucked out getting it on there so I wanted to pick the perfect time to read it. Then I saw that the movie's coming out really soon and I figured I should get my ass in gear. I've read probably a third of it, and it's really good, but then I put it down for a week and read some other stuff. That's how I am. I like for the good stuff to linger. I like to suck all the fun that I possibly can out of something. I'm the cat playing with the mouse... three days after I killed it.

Cats, right? They're all really good. Even Bea's okay. The vet's office called last week to check up on her and seemed really surprised when we told them she was fine. We're still force-feeding her everyday. But it's really not as violent as it sounds. We've got a whole system down and since I still don't have a lot of mobility in my wrist and arm, John's the one who's been doing the actual feeding part. My job is to drag her out from under the bed or the chair. Again, not as violent as it sounds. Last night it rained a shit-ton and we slept with the bedroom door open so everyone could come and go. Usually we just sleep with Bea in the room because the boys... well... John likes to call them "catus interruptus". Anyway, Bea didn't sleep with us. We thought she was under the bed because she's scared of rain and usually hides. When we searched for her this morning she wasn't in any of her usual haunts. I only found her after I tried nudging a Trader Joe's bag out of my way with my toe and the bag hissed at me. Little things like that make us happy. When she finds comfortable spots. Or when she uses the scratching post. Or when she smacks one of the boys in the head if they get too close to her. Warm fuzzies abound.

Back to books. I've been reading young adult novels and romance novels. I'll do this if I want pure escapism. I read the Summoning, by Kelley Armstrong, and it was pretty decent and interesting. Ghosts and weird-o kids living at a half-way house. Anytime there are people living in a hotel or a half-way house or a boarding school or summer camp... any communal living and I am ALL OVER that shit. After that I read a pdf of a romance novel called The Perfect Wife. It was very readable. The wife in question was a bigger gal. That was refreshing. And the naked scenes were pretty spicy. Some people don't like naked scenes. I like 'em. Hotchie-Tochie!

Nanny McPhee Returns was on HBO or something this morning so we watched it again. I love Maggie Gyllenhaal's wardrobe in this movie. If I lived on a big old mucky farm in the English countryside I would dress just like this. So long as I wasn't married to Ewan MacGregor. Because if I was married to Ewan MacGregor I would have to wear dark sunglasses all of the time so as to protect myself from having to look at his frightfully frightening teeth.

But Maggie Gyllenhaal is amazing. Even when she's looking a mess she still manages to look smarter and more cosmopolitan than the rest of us.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sometimes I'll go off on these youtube song tangents and feel compelled to share them with both of my readers. I went on a Kris Kristofferson bender and was searching for the right song to throw up here. But Kris, while quite possibly the most bow-chicka 70+ year old man out there, just wasn't what I was searching for. And the other fellas, Waylon and Willie and all those guys... well, they always make me think about my Daddy. That was Daddy's kind of stuff. He always had an admiration for cowboys and outlaws and the like. So. I figured I'd just go with the most obvious of choices.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Angie and Rachel and I spent all day at Six Flags yesterday. It'd been ten plus years since I'd been on a roller coaster and half way up the first hill of Bizarro, I was wondering who the hell I was trying to kid. Today I'm hoarse from screaming my lungs out, pink-nosed from spending the day in the sun, and a little hung-over from the adrenaline crash.

We dropped my girls off at the airport at six this morning. Now, I'm forlorn and lonely for them.

Got the rest of my stitches taken out Monday, and my arm is still pretty lumpy and really sore at times. I'm outta work until the first of September. Then I guess John and I will start the whole packing up and u-haul renting and preparing ourselves for moving in with my Mama for a (pleasedearGod) short time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear. God. I cannot tell you how much fun I had with those masks. The Vermont Country Store is filled to the brim with products from your childhood, $70 house dresses your granny used to buy for two dollars at the TG&Y, and a thousand samples of cheese and dips and crackers and the like. It's terribly touristy, but I have more than forgiven them for that because they have a wall of Victorian face masks.

The Green Mountain State

Saturday we went to Vermont. Our destination was the farmer's market in Brattleboro which is really unlike any farmer's market ever in this world. I took pictures of the food. But I don't think it'll do it justice. I drank a cider mimosa first thing off. Then we all shared plates of Pad Thai and black-eyed peas and rice and a curried puff pastry and whoopie pies and homemade donuts and ma'amoul and ginger lemonade and then we ate off of that for the next three meals. I'm thinking seriously hard about heading back up there next weekend and doing it all over again.