Sunday, August 7, 2011

Clip The String Chatty Kathy

I really need to change my header since it's kind of wonky and off kilter. It would seem like right now would be a perfect time to do this, being out of work and uninterested in any of the books I have in my possession. It would seem so. But it's just not the case. Maybe later. Probably later.

I've been keeping a list -to the right over there- of all the books I've read this year. I usually do this in a journal somewhere so that I can go back later if I need to remember an author or title. But I thought by doing it on the blog it would be helpful for anyone else if they're looking for something to read. Honestly though, there are a handful of books over there that I didn't actually finish yet. I haven't given up on them, I've just been distracted. The Help is one of those books. It was one of the first books I received via Paperback Swap way back in December. I totally lucked out getting it on there so I wanted to pick the perfect time to read it. Then I saw that the movie's coming out really soon and I figured I should get my ass in gear. I've read probably a third of it, and it's really good, but then I put it down for a week and read some other stuff. That's how I am. I like for the good stuff to linger. I like to suck all the fun that I possibly can out of something. I'm the cat playing with the mouse... three days after I killed it.

Cats, right? They're all really good. Even Bea's okay. The vet's office called last week to check up on her and seemed really surprised when we told them she was fine. We're still force-feeding her everyday. But it's really not as violent as it sounds. We've got a whole system down and since I still don't have a lot of mobility in my wrist and arm, John's the one who's been doing the actual feeding part. My job is to drag her out from under the bed or the chair. Again, not as violent as it sounds. Last night it rained a shit-ton and we slept with the bedroom door open so everyone could come and go. Usually we just sleep with Bea in the room because the boys... well... John likes to call them "catus interruptus". Anyway, Bea didn't sleep with us. We thought she was under the bed because she's scared of rain and usually hides. When we searched for her this morning she wasn't in any of her usual haunts. I only found her after I tried nudging a Trader Joe's bag out of my way with my toe and the bag hissed at me. Little things like that make us happy. When she finds comfortable spots. Or when she uses the scratching post. Or when she smacks one of the boys in the head if they get too close to her. Warm fuzzies abound.

Back to books. I've been reading young adult novels and romance novels. I'll do this if I want pure escapism. I read the Summoning, by Kelley Armstrong, and it was pretty decent and interesting. Ghosts and weird-o kids living at a half-way house. Anytime there are people living in a hotel or a half-way house or a boarding school or summer camp... any communal living and I am ALL OVER that shit. After that I read a pdf of a romance novel called The Perfect Wife. It was very readable. The wife in question was a bigger gal. That was refreshing. And the naked scenes were pretty spicy. Some people don't like naked scenes. I like 'em. Hotchie-Tochie!

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