Monday, August 29, 2011

A Hurricane Story

This is what the world looked like Sunday evening. We survived Irene with little personal damage and managed to return home with the same number of cats as we left with. The Ternowcheks lost power but had water. We lost power and water. This morning the Ternowcheks were still powerless but with water, but we got it all back. Apparently we're one of the few because the majority of the state is without. Honestly, the no power thing didn't bother me so much as the no water thing. At least that's what I told myself anyway. Last night at 9pm we decided to make a run for civilization and wound up at Denny's in Worcester. So much for Pioneer woman.


Tonya said...

glad you guys are good. that denny's thing sounds like us. funny.

jan said...

thanks, tonya. i keep telling myself i'd be totally fine living off the grid, but deep down i don't believe me.