Thursday, August 18, 2011

I keep Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning books lying around in sight because I'm hoping that soon I'll get sick of reading schmaltzy, pulpy, bullshit fiction and decide to devour some gen-u-wine literature. If such a day does creep up on me, if the desire strikes me out of no where, I don't want to be left with my pud in one hand and a ratty copy of Madame Bovary in the other. That's why I leave the good shit lying around. Just in case.

I didn't fall asleep until nearly five this morning. I finished reading Chiefs and then became semi-obsessed with finding a copy of the 1981 mini-series. I'm working on a lead. After that I was all over the Internet and wide awake with scratchy eyes and an upset PMS/bread and butter pickle belly. Woke up around nine and threw a bean and chicken sausage soup together in the crock pot and then took a 15 minutes nap with Mae-Mae. Naps with Mae are the best because usually he's so damn spastic he won't lay for more than a minute, but when he does sleep against you, he purrs deeply and rhythmically. It's terribly soothing. Plus, he has an awesome jiggle belly. Rubbing it in a circular pattern beats any yoga I've ever tried.

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