Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I picked up this notebook yesterday while I was in Target. I was supposed to be buying Lysol wipes and Pine-Sol. It doesn't have a purpose yet, the notebook. I think I'm gonna stare at it until it tells me what's on it's mind. Then I'm gonna write it all down. I'm jealous of kids nowadays with their pretty notebooks. When I was a youngun it was all Garfield and Snoopy and Pac-Man. Then again, I can fill my pretty notebook with any damn thing I please and the kids have to use theirs for math and earth science. So forget I said that. Speaking of school and younguns:

A few months ago I commissioned Rachel to paint a tree picture for me. I'm very pleased and thrilled with the result. When I go back to getting paid decent wages I'm gonna get this sucker framed and up on my wall.

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