Friday, August 19, 2011

We finally got to watch The Conspirator the other day. We've been waiting on that one since October of 2009 which is when Wendy and Angie and I were in Savannah and got to see part of it being filmed. It was pretty awesome. The filming part. The movie was good too. But watching the filming was even awesomer because they closed down a few of the streets and had straw and dirt strewn across the pavement and we got to see James McAvoy walking down the steps of an old house. Sadly, we did not get to see Robert Redford. But we did get to see his chair. It had his name on it. And we got hushed by one of the assistant directors for talking loudly while they were filming. He was extremely nice about it though. We watched for maybe a half an hour before the rain and mosquitoes drove us away. So that's my real Robert Redford story. It will of course become a little more embellished each time I tell it until before you know it, Bob and I find ourselves imbrued in an ugly custody battle over our twins, Cassidy and Sundance. He can keep his money, but them babies need their mama.

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