Saturday, August 13, 2011

We had a very good day today. We spent the morning running errands. Then we ate at a new to us soul food place in Worcester called Sweet T. It was pretty damn good. The owner let us sample everything they had.

Then John sat in the car while I bought a couple of dyn-O-mite bras at Lane Bryant.

This is where a Ta-Ta picture would be if I were so inclined. However, my self-confidence is much greater if there aren't any pictures around to disprove the images in my head.

After the girls were firmly in place, we went to the movies and saw The Help. I loved it. I was nervous they were gonna cheese it up, but I wasn't disappointed at all. I must've cried on five separate occasions for about 25 different reasons. It just really struck a chord. And I've always been a fan of stories that are told from the perspective of folks that most people never think about. Of people who move in and out of the shadows of our lives and still manage to leave permanent and powerful impressions. I even cried on the way home. I'm starting to well up now just thinking about it.

I'm also extremely pre-menstrual and hopped up on red velvet cake.

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Tonya said...

oh i've gotta see it. if b doesn't want to see it i may go this afternoon after lunch with my girl jess. that food looks like my kinda food. yum.