Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here I go plugging again: So I follow Kyra Sedgwick over on the Twitter. A few weeks ago she was tweeting about Bath Bar and since I'm a great big ol' soap and suds slut I had to go check them out. They're all natural and organic and green and they let you mix up your own concoction of fragrances. So I tried that and requested a few samples which are only a couple of dollars and I also ordered a set of travel sized Zen Milk lotion and body wash. Well, those sweet things over at Bath Bar sent me two more travel sized sets for free. Which is nice and all even if your product sucks. However, Bath Bar doesn't suck at all. In fact, this is the best stuff I have ever,ever,ever used. EVER. No joke. My fragrance concoctions weren't so great. But that's cause I always think I know what I want to smell like, but really, that stuff is best left to the professional mix-masters. Zen Milk smells so good I want to marry it. And the lotion is unreal. It's totally smoothed out my crusty-ass elbows and I swear to God it's lightened my surgery scar. It's on the pricey side, but if you sign up for their newsletter, I think you get invited to their Black Friday sale. I totally plan on wasting gas money there come this Friday.


Tonya said...

yay. i ordered some too. i had to make my own scents. i did some strange stuff.

Tonya said...

here are my scents:

Scent1 Patchouli
Scent2 Orange
Scent3 Vanilla

Scent1 Neroli
Scent2 Basil
Scent3 Coconut

Scent1 Sandalwood
Scent2 Tobacco
Scent3 Vanilla

yep, that says tobacco. guess we'll see. Okay now I want to know what your stinky scent combos were.

jan said...

Alright, I wasn't brave enough to do three-fers but I'm going to do it when I order on Friday:

COMBO 1 Sage and Lemon Verbena

COMBO 2 Bamboo and Orange Blossom

COMBO 3 Orange and Patchouli

As soon as I sniffed my Orange and Patchouli I wished I'd added Vanilla. My favorite of my concoctions is Combo 1.

Also, I'm totally down with Tobacco. I ordered a tester of Tobacco scent a few months ago from some other company. It smells awesome. Reminds me of my Uncle Hallie's house in Pink Hill, NC. Sweet and spicy.