Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

Again, I thought for a minute about starting a new blog. But I'm not creative enough to come up with another name. So I'm sticking with this one.

What can I say really? This year? Well, this hasn't been the finest now has it? Not if you're me. Or John. Or a member of my immediate family. Or someone I text or whine to on a semi-regular basis. I spent a year doing heavy grieving over the loss of my Daddy. I spent six months hand-feeding and worrying myself into exhaustion over Bea. My Mama didn't do so well for a while. John started treatment. I had surgery. We buried Bea and my Daddy. We didn't move. I plowed through all of it. I didn't give up the ghost or lose my religion or flip the fuck out. Not really, I didn't.

Cause it's gonna be alright.

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