Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Jets!

I don't follow sports at all, yet I know a whole lot about them on account of living with John who eats and breaths New England sports. Frankly, they annoy the fiery piss out of me and I could rant and rave about how boring and stupid and unethical the whole mess is, but I won't. Because John loves them and anything that makes my John happy makes me even happier. Point is: I don't' do Super Bowl anything, but have taken this opportunity to be inspired to make chicken nachos and to help John eat shrimp cocktail. He made the cocktail sauce, which he calls "jeune" and which is the only reason I ever tried it to begin with cause I thought it was something fancy but it turned out to be ketchup and horseradish. But let's face it. I live in Dayville, CT so I reckon cocktail sauce is kinda fancy. I'm also sick. I've been working on a bronchial/sinus thing for a few days now and last night I made myself a hot toddy with some seriously cheap-ass brandy and wound up falling asleep on the couch ten minutes later while watching Disappeared on Netflix. John woke me up around midnight and made me go to bed. But not before he turned on the bedroom light, stood over me and crowed, "You're kecked!!!". Apparently that's how swamp yankees say cocked. I wasn't really kecked though, y'all. Just extremely sleepy and maybe a little tipsy. I was sleepy all day yesterday. We went to see The Woman in Black and I had to pinch myself to stay awake the first hour. After that I gave in because the movie was unaccountably boring. It was a tad creepy in the beginning. I was disappointed. But the nap was nice. Afterward, I had an hour or so to kill, so I spent money at the Anthropologie store in Garden City, RI. For once I was glad I'm not skinny and wealthy. I did enough damage just being regular chunky, poverty-stricken me. Also, I think I spend way too much time in stores examining the other shoppers. Being out in public is very distracting for me. I'm pretty sure I've got a mild case of agoraphobia. Or maybe just nosey-itis. I've got questions and opinions that sometimes keep me from enjoying myself. I like to think I'm quirky and inquisitive. I got my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed and then I came home and got kecked off of one hot toddy.

The boys are good. I just finished reading Always by Amy Bloom. It was such a good book. I've been playing SIMS games online and now I'm ready to run my own empire. I've been listening to a lot of NPR. Work has me bruised and bloody from head to toe. I'm flying home for a visit on Friday. There are adventures to be had.