Friday, March 23, 2012

So our Mae is a beautiful boy. But he's a damn mess. He's all spastic and ridiculous and ever since the temperature got above 60 degrees he's been shedding clumps of fur left and right and above and below. I come home from work and it looks like we've got black shag carpet. Now, I groom that bastard quite regularly. Because I seriously think he's challenged and the whole personal hygiene thing is a bit beyond his grasp. So today I dragged his ass into the bathroom and I cooed and ahhed over him and brushed him and q-tipped him and attended to his problem areas when it occurred to me: Mae-Mae is freakin' Bill Dauterive. He's fat and slovenly and pitiful, but you just can't help but like him. I've been calling him Guillaume ever since.

This is John's favorite Bill clip from King Of The Hill:

I don't really have a favorite, as they are all my favorite. But I do really love the episode where Bill visits his family in Louisiana. I'll be having a "case of the horribles" all week now thanks to this clip:

Not so very much going on here. Which is my way of saying that there's stuff going on but I'm entirely too vexed to discuss it. John will be done with his treatment in four more weeks. We'll be moving a few weeks after that. Pretty exciting. Skeery too. We bought an Asus tablet this week. I hear it's pretty nifty. Basically it makes my piece of junk Acer laptop look like an Etcha Sketch. Mostly we've just been trying to lay low. We've fallen in love with Freaks and Geeks. But as there are only 18 episodes, we're staggering them. I'm reading a couple of light weight mysteries that've been lying around collecting dust and cat dander.

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