Sunday, March 4, 2012

Well y'all, it just ain't getting any easier. Alright, that's not the altogether truth. There are some things that are easier. But there's one big thing that totally sucks donkey dick and that one thing is John's Hep C treatment. Apart from the fact that it's absolute hell on his body and his psyche, it's also the reason we decided to delay our move back home. John's undergone treatment several times in the past twelve years. Each time has been pretty crappy. Well, this one is the crappiest of the crappy. And by crappy I mean shitty. Since September he's been taking eighteen pills a day. That's just for the treatment. That's eighteen pills in addition to his normal drug regimen. Also, once a week he has to give himself a shot. Usually I do it because it's easier if you can grab a hunk of flesh and inject into it. Kinda hard to do that in your own arm. Anyway, he feels bad about 80% of the time. Nauseous and feverish and he hurts into his bones. Plus he's developed this really nifty rash (mostly on his hands but also on his stomach, legs and back and head) that oozes and itches and looks like big ol' scabby cigar burns. It's called Ribavirin rash. Y'all know I took pictures. I'm not gonna post them though cause they're pretty gross. The plus side of all of this is... according to his last blood work, he is entirely free of the virus. We're hoping he only has to stay on it through the end of this month.

Now, the good stuff that's going on is that we've had virtually no winter up here. I know this is due to global warming and is probably a sign of the end of our planet, but honestly, I don't give a rat's taint. At this point, I'd rather be swept away by a typhoon than have to spend hours a day digging myself into and out of my house. Last year we had so much snow it snapped a tree limb on to the trailer and blocked our front door and John had to literally lie on the floor and kick the door open a few inches in order to get out. I hate you winter. This year we've only had a couple of snowy episodes and they weren't even bad.

Other good stuff, I went home for a few days last month and got to spend a goodly amount of time with Wendy and these babies:

Wendy and I went exploring in the Brown Mountain area and found The Coffee Cup House:

I went to breakfast with Papaw and Jimmy and visited with them for a while:

Those overalls he's wearing? I lived in his hand-me-down overalls for about 2 years. They were stupid comfortable and the perfect shade and wear and leg-width.


Tonya said...

good to hear john is getting well.

i know those overalls. POINTER awesome. tell him he needs to wear you another pair out. everyone needs overalls.

Michael Sronce said...

Love the picture of your grandpaw and uncle. My mom and dad have been to the coffee cup house too. Pretty neat.