Friday, May 25, 2012

Well, we're still living in yankee land. We half way packed up everything and I'm currently dressing out of suitcases. However, I'm still waiting to be transferred from my job here down there. Waiting. And waiting some more. It's very agitating and infuriating as I gave them over a years notice that this would be taking place, but apparently that made no difference at all. The devil inside wants to burn bridges, but the responsible adult knows that they've got me by the she-nuts. On account of I like to eat and I like my car and some day I'd like to buy a casa. So that's where we're at with that. In other news, John completed his treatment! That totally warrants an exclamation point. His blood test results are all excellent and he feels a thousand percent better. We've been laying(lying?) kinda low, trying not to tap into the moving resources. See, they screwed ME, Jerry! Mostly I've been reading and bird-watching and watching tv on HuluPlus. I've worked out a few times. I've developed a deep appreciation for dusting powder because it's been swampy humid up here. I've discovered Pinterest. I'll post pictures later, once I get my shite together.