Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eff You Thomas Wolfe

Things are settling down some here.  We're developing our routines and every day I ride through the town where I was born and raised and I can't believe that I live here again.  I can't believe that I lived so far away for so many years... not that it was bad, I just can't believe that I did that.  But that's how most things are in my life.  I do these strange ass things and then I look back at that chick with wonder and awe and I'm usually so proud of her.  I'm proud of me.  I'm proud of John for adjusting so well. 

What's so wonderful about all of it is that my family lives close enough by that we can see each other whenever we want.  It's still astounding to me, that I can just hop in the car and go see my sister or any of the babies any ol' time.  I get to watch them grow.  I get to be present in their lives. 

The boys are all doing so well.  Ernie's taken to lying underneath Mama's dog Doodle's chair.  So Doodle sleeps in the chair and Ernie sleeps underneath it.  Mama calls it the bunk bed.  We finally got DSL hooked up here last week and we've introduced Mama to the ipad.  It's pure entertainment, watching her tap on the screen with her ring finger.  John got his MLB package through DirectTV and I got rid of Hulu and Netflix and all that mess and other than DVRing Masterpiece Mystery, I've stopped watching television all together.  I was trying to stay busy outside with the yard and flowers and such, but it's been over 100 degrees here every damn day for the past three weeks.  That shit'll kill you dead.  I floated around in the pool with Wendy and Carrie ("Little Baby") last week and somehow avoided burning myself to a crisp.  John and I drove to Boone and Valle Crucis on the 4th and I ate boiled peanuts on the ride home and posted a picture on Twitter. 

There's more stuff.  I'll get around to all of it later. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We're finally here. Been here a week and it hasn't been less than 97 degrees the entire time. But it's good. Of course there's no internets at mama's house and won't be until this weekend so I'm leaching wi-fi off of my sister. Everything's still in a complete state of disarray thanks to it being so did-dim hot and me working all the way in Charlotte. But it'll all work out. Boxes and totes and unpacked suitcases and litterboxes in three rooms and us all adjusting and what I'd really like to do today is sit my ass in a cool mountain creek and enjoy some solitude. Also, posting on an ipad kind of sucks for us folks that was taught to type on Selectrics.