Wednesday, September 5, 2012

12-12-12 World Peace Day

My soul sister Tonya has come up with the most marvelous idea.  A world peace day on 12-12-12.  But not just your typical peace day, but a day or an evening to cut loose and let your child-like instincts come out and play.  Obviously, Tonya can explain it better so here's a link to her blog Soul Pony.  I'm already planning mine. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sometime's There's Less Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes you have to sit back and realize that the only thing that's gonna make you calm is to stop trying to be something other than what comes natural.  If you get the urge for something, well then just gotdang do it.  Don't second guess it.  Do it.  It's all well and good to be inspired by others, to get your juices flowing and your brain whirring, but you can't be something you're not.  It will eat at your soul and it will have the opposite effect than the one you desire.  For instance:  years ago, when I was at my freshman orientation at UNCA, they grouped us all together by dorm floors in a "getting to know one another" way.  There were probably 50 chicks in that room and in under five minutes I instinctively knew which girls I would eventually be closest to.  It wasn't what they were wearing, or how they tried to project themselves.  It was the natural way they all carried themselves.  To this day, two of those girls are still my most beloved friends.  The point is, you can cover it or douse it or sprinkle it with glitter and Bonnie-Bell, but the real you is gonna come pouring out.  So embrace it.  Being trendy or edgey or trying to look like fifty miles of bad road before you're all of 20... that shit only works for the folks that it works for.  If you can feel it fluttering around inside you, then it's yours.  In fact, that's some pretty good advice there.  If it flutters, do it.  Cause when you act on the flutter, it will always lead to peace.  If you try to follow someone elses flutter, then you might be too busy to realize when you're feeling your own.