Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We call her Christine behind her back.

Two months to the day after I broke my ankle, John broke his wrist.  And the day before the wrist happened, he left his iphone in the back pocket of his jeans and I washed them.  The jeans and the iphone.  It was a catastrophe. Srsly.  Also, my ankle's still not healed.  So I'm still out of work.  And we're still broke. But, we're still together.  It's okay.  We say that a lot to one another.  "It's okay." and "It'll work out.  We'll be alright."  Which is really code for, "I don't wanna scare you, but I think we might be fuuuucked."  

Good stuff though is that I'm able to move around more, and I've been planting all the half-dead, half-price flowers I can afford and any clippings that anyone will pass on to me.  I also pressure-washed the house.  It looks brandy-new.  We have a house!!!  We love our house.  (gulp)